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Empowering client’s business line using Integrated IT System suitable for their businesses.
We believe every customer is so special and we want to deliver the best IT Solutions to them.


Deliver the most affordable solutions with our high-end technology. Matching the needs of our customers, understanding the business processes and tailor made development are our common tasks to deliver the highest satisfaction to our customers.


About PT. Probiz Prima Integrasi

PT. Probiz Prima Integrasi is an IT company in Jakarta and a full-service technology partner.

We provide customers across a variety of industries with seamless, extensive infrastructure and managed IT services that deliver value, business efficiencies and boost performance.

We create bizline softwares, BizlinePro and Bizline HR payroll.

BizLinePro ERP Software

BizlinePro software is a complete ERP system with Finance, accounting, inventory, and production module. Suitable for small to medium enterprise. We create Bizlinepro software based on Indonesian companies best practices.

BizLine HR & Payroll Software

Bizline HR & Payroll software is a complete payroll software with simple HRIS  We have a truly powerful payroll software, with built-in custom payroll formula builder in which our clients can edit payroll formula themselves. Bizline HR & payroll is fully comply with Indonesian tax and payroll regulation.

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