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Bizline  Point of Sale (POS) Software

Bizline Point of Sale (POS) software is a windows-based Point of Sale Software. Clients can install Bizline POS software on laptops running Windows operating system, and use it as a point of sale terminal. Bizline Point of Sale software supports multi location, and has a robust user access management.

It has an inventory management module with multiple UOM, inventory transfer with inventory adjustment. The sales management module supports barcode system, refund management, split pay and prescription creation.

Bizline Point of Sale software has many reports that user can use, from sales report, profit and lost statement. User can also export their database to create their own custom reports. Bizline Point of Sale software can be used in tandem with Bizline Pro ERP software, to have a full finance, accounting and inventory management

POS Module

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Sales Management

Reports and Analytics

ERP Integration with BizlinePro

ERP Integration with BizlinePro

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